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OrderAsc DescAsc DescAsc Dsc
Thai Residents in Japan4760 persons190.17
Sri Lankan Residents in Japan2400 persons186.15
Indonesian Residents in Japan3721 persons182.94
AIDS Patients271 persons278.03
Fish Catches157647 ton276.00
Participants in Gardening (25 years of age or more)825000172.32
Dance Studio, Dance Hall73370.99
Consumption Expenditure of Hamburg Steak1651 Yen269.60
Riding Ground16369.33
Number of Golfers (25 years of age or more)249000169.18
Japanese and Foreign HIV Carriers445 persons268.18
Consumption Expenditure of 'Senbei', Japanese Crackers8223 Yen267.98
Consumption Expenditure of Mineral Water4441 Yen366.73
Consumption Expenditure of Biscuits4955 Yen366.68
Consumption Expenditure of Sweet Potatoes3964 g266.66
Participants in DIY (25 years of age or more)320000466.48
Consumption Expenditure of Dried Laver3374 yen466.15
Rate of Empty Rental Houses26.48 %565.91
Consumption Expenditure of Salad5913 Yen365.70
Indian Residents in Japan1228 persons465.25
Consumption Expenditure of Bonito2072 g365.22
Participants in Dance (25 years of age or more)35000665.17
Average time spent on Volunteer and social activities79 minutes364.71
Private High School Fee for 1st Year791284 Yen763.58
Philippine Residents in Japan10295 persons663.55
Golf Course119563.41
BMI Male24.21663.03
Consumption Expenditure of Fresh Water Clams695 g463.01
Online Game Penetration30.95 %562.85
Monthly Cost of Water3874.7 yen662.74
Seven Eleven647762.63
Convenience Stores1432562.34
Rate of Pediatricians13.07 %562.02
Passenger Cars Registered1981386261.58
Industrial Production1203760500 Ten-thousand yen961.01
Baseball ground286960.95
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Consumption162000000 kg760.78
Employed Persons in Secondary Industry3721561060.78
Rate of Artificial Forest Land59.57 %1160.78
Consumption Expenditure of School Uniforms3084 yen860.73
Automobiles Registered2520515460.42
Total Road Length55939200860.23
Number of Cyclists (25 years of age or more)168000960.21
Amusement park, Zoo, Botanical garden, Aquarium Visitors (25 years of age or more)738000860.05
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare176628660.02
Consumption Expenditure of Strawberries2782 g860.02
Consumption Expenditure of Instant Dried Soup3401 Yen959.83
Rate of Smoking: Female11.8 %859.51
Patients with Cerebral Infarction (aged 65 or above)25000 person659.39
Consumption Expenditure of Welsh Onions5604 g859.26
Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emission28176882 ton659.03
Consumption Expenditure of Cakes & Candies89508 Yen1258.86
Rate of Obstetricians and Gynecologists4.26 %1058.85
Delivery Cost485164 Yen658.85
Traffic-Related Death Rate - Bicyclist26.3 persons1058.73
Domestic Tourists (Overnight stay)(25 years of age or more)1345000858.40
Foreign Residents in Japan66321 persons1258.39
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Female8.07 persons858.11
Moviegoers (25 years of age or more)758000958.06
Consumption Expenditure of Broccoli4323 g1158.03
Traffic-Related Death Rate - All187.3 persons1158.03
Consumption Expenditure of Lettuce6285 g1057.94
Working Hours491.5 minutes1257.89
Participants in Concert (25 years of age or more)2970001057.88
Gyudon (Beef bowl) Stores110957.85
Consumption Expenditure of Packed Lunch16704 Yen1257.80
Consumption Expenditure of “Yakitori”,Grilled Chickens2646 Yen1057.76
Motorcycles Registered918621357.64
Participants in Japanese calligraphy (25 years of age or more)700001057.62
Consumption Expenditure of 'Yokan', Sweet Bean Jelly907 Yen1257.48
Husband and Wife14304441057.41
Taiwanese Residents in Japan1350 persons957.19
Participants in Homemaking Training (25 years of age or more)2390001457.18
Consumption Expenditure of Onigiri4068 Yen1357.18
Number of Hikers (25 years of age or more)2300001457.12
Consumption Expenditure of Jelly2282 Yen1057.09
Prefectural Income901262000 Ten-thousand yen1157.04
Traffic-Related Death Rate - Driver58.7 persons1357.02
Number of Sports Players (25 years of age or more)14640001156.83
Camp Site1041256.82
Consumption Expenditure of Women's Underwear6640 yen1056.82
Consumption Expenditure of ”Wakame”, seaweed1105 g1156.73
Homeownership72.34 %1456.68
Number of Joggers (25 years of age or more)2060001156.68
Homeownership71.14 %1356.65
Bus and Taxi Registered70461356.65
Rate of Shotgun Wedding31.42 %1156.53
Rate of Female Physicians20.16 %956.48
Trucks Registered4832091556.48
Consumption Expenditure of Oranges1603 g1256.38
Consumption Expenditure of Vegetables & Seaweeds Prepared in Soy Sauce3317 円1556.08
Consumption Expenditure of Saury1734 g1156.02
Number of Soccer Players (25 years of age or more)740001355.95
Consumption Expenditure of Shao-mais1073 Yen1055.94
Consumption Expenditure of Men's Underwear3598 yen1455.90
Kendo Hall811455.90
Consumption Expenditure of Cakes7283 Yen1355.81
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Male17.77 persons1155.72
Amateur Photographers (25 years of age or more)5240001055.63
Consumption Expenditure of Fermented Lactic Beverages4463 Yen955.58
Traffic-Related Death Rate - Motorcyclist22.3 persons1655.56
Number of Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)700001255.52
Consumption Expenditure of Radishes14441 g1555.37
Consumption Expenditure of Carbonated Beverages5508 Yen1355.17
Consumption Expenditure of Salmon3168 g1455.07
Consumption Expenditure of Puddings1594 Yen1655.03
Meal TIme100.5 minutes1554.98
Suicide Victims: Female188 persons1354.80
Peruvian Residents in Japan1656 persons954.70
Traffic-Related Death Rate - Pedestrian60.7 persons1554.66
Spinach Production16300 ton1154.53
Consumption Expenditure of Cutlets2102 Yen1554.50
Consumption Expenditure of Men's clothing27395 yen1554.36
Consumption of Whisky3043000 liter1754.34
Rate of Smoking: Male40.7 %1454.29
Mean Age at First Marriage (Male)30.4 Age1154.19
Japanese HIV Carriers156 persons854.17
Russian Residents in Japan225 persons954.15
Consumption Expenditure of Instant Curry Mix1533 g1454.14
Gross Production1161239400 Ten-thousand yen1354.11
Consumption Expenditure of Clothing & Footwear154374 yen1454.04
Video Game Players (25 years of age or more)6310001653.82
Smartphone Penetration61 %1953.60
Participants in Go (25 years of age or more)270001853.57
Vietnamese Residents in Japan7667 persons1953.55
Kentucky Fried Chicken261953.28
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Female6.5 persons1953.05
Educational Expenses140978 Yen1553.05
English language learners (25 years of age or more)1560001252.98
Chinese Residents in Japan13024 persons1152.81
Consumption Expenditure of Fried & Salted Snack Crackers4960 Yen1852.79
Participants in Nature Conservation Activities (25 years of age or more)1090002052.70
BMI Female22.762052.67
Number of Table Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)960002052.65
Pachinko Parlors2881752.64
Valid Passports5704401452.60
Consumption Expenditure of Handbags5407 yen1552.48
Outbound Tourists (25 years of age or more)1270001652.41
Consumption Expenditure of Flower10585 yen1852.39
Annual Rate of Unemployment2.9 %1652.23
Rice Production358900 ton1452.10
Judo Hall732252.08
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Male13.7 persons1952.00
Consumption Expenditure of Women's clothing49182 yen1551.95
Patient with Cavity43000 person2151.95
Brazilian Residents in Japan5867 persons1351.86
Number of Basketball Players (25 years of age or more)340002251.80
Participants in Karaoke (25 years of age or more)5490001651.71
Patent Attorneys131851.56
Consumption Expenditure of Fruits82367 g2151.47
Book Readers (25 years of age or more)7620001851.40
Consumption Expenditure of Frozen Food7309 Yen2351.37
Total Floor Space of Residential Buildings of one's own107.79 square meter2151.36
Consumption Expenditure of Butter472 g1951.35
Consumption Expenditure of Pickled Vegetables6731 円2251.26
Minimum Wage851 Yen1651.26
Participants in Drawing Pictures and Sculpturing (25 years of age or more)550001951.24
Participants in Classical Music Concert (25 years of age or more)1910001851.20
Consumption Expenditure of Children's Underwear1015 yen1851.16
Cellphone Penetration82.05 %2051.09
Tennis Court1912551.09
Domestic Tourists (Overnight stay)(25 years of age or more)11580002351.02
Nepali Residents in Japan1337 persons1350.96
Consumption Expenditure of Cucumbers8080 g2150.95
Population Ratio5.01 times1150.95
Population2960000 persons1150.94
Consumption Expenditure of Coffee2585 g2250.88
Washing Charges7184 yen1950.87
Death due to Lung Cancer: Female6.6 persons2050.83
Manufacturing Industries58362150.81
Consumption Expenditure of 'Kasutera', Sponge Cakes1007 Yen1150.76
Consumption Expenditure of Jiao-zi2156 Yen1750.71
Participants in Crafts and Ceramics (25 years of age or more)420002250.65
Consumption Expenditure of Green Tea864.4 g2050.56
Consumption Expenditure of Chocolate7613 Yen2250.53
Consumption Expenditure of Octopus654 g1950.47
Consumption Expenditure of Edible Oil8766 g2050.17
Mean Age of Father at 1st Child Birth32.3 Age1950.11
Broadband Contracts1478449 contracts1850.11
Consumption Expenditure of ”Kabayaki”,Broiled Eels2311 Yen2150.04
Consumption Expenditure of 'Manju', Bean-jam Cakes1354 Yen2249.98
Number of Badminton Players (25 years of age or more)900002649.97
German Residents in Japan85 persons1449.95
Fire Death Rate30.3 persons2049.93
SNS Penetration51.25 %2249.88
Death due to Old Age: Male464 persons1949.87
Consumption Expenditure of Fried food9766 yen1849.84
Consumption of Pork18768 g2449.81
National Achievement Test60.2 %2149.79
French Residents in Japan135 persons1449.76
Patent Registrations13651349.65
Consumption Expenditure of Mayonnaise & Mayonnaise Flavor Seasoning2464 g3149.63
Mobile Phone Subscriptions2279034 contracts2149.55
Consumption Expenditure of Root Vegetables63215 g2449.44
Mean Age of Mother at 1st Child Birth30.2 Age2049.36
English Residents in Japan228 persons1449.31
Total Floor Space of Residential Buildings of one's own129.15 square meter2349.29
Burmese Residents in Japan415 persons2149.25
Rate of Empty Houses14.74 %2549.21
Mean Age at First Marriage (Female)28.5 Age1849.20
Expenditure of Pocket Money (Household Heads)933592649.14
Wheat Production25500 ton1449.08
Bowling Alley102848.96
Patients with Cancer (aged 65 or above)23000 Patients2748.93
Italian Residents in Japan45 persons1448.90
Consumption Expenditure of Cabbage17802 g2648.88
Consumption Expenditure of Onions16112 g2948.83
Number of Children361000 persons2548.82
Consumption Expenditure of Apples12148 g1848.81
Internet Penetration71.65 %2548.76
American Residents in Japan813 persons1548.73
Women's Housekeeping Time154 minutes2548.73
Number of Ski & Snowboard Players (25 years of age or more)720002748.71
Daily Yamazaki262148.68
Consumption Expenditure of Accessories4439 yen2348.67
Firing Range82048.64
Participants in Playing Instrumentst (25 years of age or more)1590002548.57
Death due to Liver Cancer: Male11.2 persons2348.57
Consumption Expenditure of Children's dresses10106 yen2748.54
Population Density478.4 persons/sq. km1248.50
Consumption of Sake13630000 liter2248.49
Consumption Expenditure of Ready-to-eat Food60228 Yen2748.49
Monthly Rent49868 Yen2048.48
Consumption Expenditure of Pickled Fish2831 円2348.39
Consumption Expenditure of Soybean Paste5260 g2648.38
Consumption Expenditure of Dressing2306 ml2548.38
Participants in Community Development Activities (25 years of age or more)2990002948.38
Kerosene Consumption211000000 liter2048.30
Consumption Expenditure of Scallops486 g1948.29
Soybean Production5590 ton1748.26
Dental Clinics13992748.15
Consumption Expenditure of Soy Sauce5289 ml2748.09
Number of people who went back to their hometown (25 years of age or more)4450002248.06
Vacation Homes53001448.00
Consumption Expenditure of Bonito Fillets & Fish Flakes, Dried219 g2448.00
Consumption Amount of Umbrella0.7562847.99
Consumption Expenditure of Cuttlefish1941 g2047.92
Highest temperature38.43147.88
Shinto Shrines24912447.88
Online Video Penetration50.9 %2347.82
Automobile Accidents12523 cases2447.79
Internet cafe262747.78
Death due to Old Age: Female1306 persons2847.77
Consumption Expenditure of Salt1697 g2647.75
Consumption Expenditure of Medicines26713 yen2647.69
Online Shopping Penetration47.3 %2447.66
Participants in Arts and Culture Studies (25 years of age or more)1940002747.63
Employed Persons in Primary Industry105352647.62
Utility Model Registrations562647.60
Total Floor Space of Residential Buildings of rental housing49.09 square meter3247.56
Participants in Japanese flower arrangement (25 years of age or more)420002647.55
Theatergoers (25 years of age or more)2570002347.44
Rate of Double-Income Households60.15 %3047.44
Participants in Japanese tea ceremony (25 years of age or more)280002347.43
Consumption Expenditure of Mandarin Oranges10460 g2747.41
Savings per Household1550 %3047.40
Consumption Expenditure of Shellfish2439 g2647.33
Japanese Archery Range292447.29
Doutor Coffee122247.25
Participants in Volunteer Work (25 years of age or more)6040002847.24
Spectator Sport Watchers (25 years of age or more)3790002647.19
Consumption Expenditure of Leafy Vegetables58454 g3047.19
Railway Passenger Transport125105300 persons1747.17
Komeda Coffee122447.15
Number of campers (25 years of age or more)930002547.07
Number of Swimmers (25 years of age or more)1430002647.06
Consumption Expenditure of Cheese2902 g2647.06
Patients with Asthma23000 person3147.05
Pachinko Players (25 years of age or more)2100003247.02
Rate of Nuclear Families81.49 %3047.01
Consumption Expenditure of Croquettes1875 Yen2846.98
Consumption Expenditure of Citrus Fruits17904 g2846.93
South and North Korean Residents in Japan4634 persons2346.87
Consumption Expenditure of Spinach3222 g2946.83
Salary of Prefectural Governors11390002646.82
School Personnel27172 persons3546.81
Consumption Expenditure of Vinegar1985 ml3046.81
Mass Media Viewing TIme144.5 minutes2846.72
Average Residential Land Price32400 Yen/sq. meter2246.72
Participants in Cooking and Sweets Cooking (25 years of age or more)3260002946.71
Certified Public Accountant1023546.63
Consumption Expenditure of Medical Services78843 yen3046.62
Family Mart3372546.57
Number of Bowling Players (25 years of age or more)1900003146.51
Consumption Expenditure of String beans1840 g2746.49
Croquet and Gateball Field482746.44
Average Industrial Land Price18500 Yen/sq. meter2646.43
Participants in Playing Japanese music (25 years of age or more)470003046.42
Rest and Relaxation Ttime93.5 minutes3046.38
Average Commercial Land Price64300 Yen/sq. meter3046.37
Consumption Expenditure of Dried Tangle280 g2646.34
Participants in Child-Rearing Assistance Activities (25 years of age or more)1820003346.31
Skating Rink13046.29
Sleeping Hours459.5 minutes2946.28
61.8 %3246.27
Consumption Expenditure of Cucumbers2555 g2746.18
Job Offer Retractions152446.13
Natural Gas Consumption76000000 m32346.03
Consumption of Wine5206000 liter3045.99
Fitness Clubs963045.98
Consumption Expenditure of Seafood35061 g3045.86
Game Parlors554245.77
Consumption Expenditure of Taros1776 g3245.75
Consumption Expenditure of Fried Bean Curd2763 円3145.57
Suicide Victims: Male425 persons2945.47
Waka, Haiku, Poetry and Novel Composers (25 years of age or more)390003345.44
Consumption of Shochu17243000 liter3445.44
Rate of Single-parent Households16664 世帯2945.34
Electric Energy Consumption6289000000 kWh3345.32
Trademark Registrations6784145.25
Real Estate Notary42522945.19
Dentists1920 doctors3245.16
Senior Citizens801000 persons3644.97
Patients with Hypertension (aged 65 or above)173000 person3544.92
Consumption Expenditure of Flounder738 g3044.73
Pediatricians647 doctors2944.71
Athletic Field212944.55
Consumption Expenditure of Sugar4419 g3444.45
Facebook User660000 user3444.39
Death Due to Cancer : Male4655 persons3644.37
Consumption Expenditure of Tomatoes10790 g3544.34
Consumption Expenditure of Jam1009 g3344.31
Participants in Community Safety Activities (25 years of age or more)1090003444.16
Participants in Knitting and Handicraft (25 years of age or more)2100003544.15
Death Due to Cancer : Female2958 persons3444.06
Sumo Ring73344.05
Swimming Pool1243443.94
Consumption Expenditure of Watermelons3381 g3343.94
Elementary Schools449 schools3543.88
Beds for Mental Patients74623343.83
Ski Resort0--43.80
Number of Gateball Players (25 years of age or more)140003343.77
Consumption Expenditure of Bean Sprouts6140 g3543.73
Drowning Death Rate (Except for Bath)18.3 persons3343.70
Death due to Lung Cancer: Male21.77 persons3843.65
Households Living on Welfare21872 households3443.59
Participants in Shogi (25 years of age or more)450003443.51
Mos Burger263543.49
Average Life Expectancy: Male80.28 years3443.48
Video Arcades453943.36
Consumption Expenditure of Burdocks1667 g3443.29
Consumption Expenditure of Worcester Sauce1194 ml3643.21
Length of Coastline195142 m3643.08
Consumption Expenditure of Horse Mackerel744 g3543.06
Drowning Death Rate (Bath)79 persons3742.92
Elementary School Students130570 children3842.89
H1N1 Influenza365.92 persons3542.88
Psychiatric Hospitals213342.83
Area6097120000 sq. km3642.78
Consumption Expenditure of Crabs294 g4442.77
Consumption Expenditure of Carrots8150 g3542.70
Design Registrations59.74342.62
Beds for Long-Term Care59683742.62
Consumption Expenditure of Black Tea148.2 g3342.61
Consumption Expenditure of Yellowtail1434 g3642.54
Concentration of Population38.2 %3542.34
Consumption Expenditure of Milk69.61 liter3442.25
Female Physicians998 doctors3942.06
Number of Anglers (25 years of age or more)1650003942.05
Consumption Expenditure of Oysters281 g4142.01
Number of Softball Players (25 years of age or more)340003941.89
Consumption of Alcohol14078320 liter3941.89
Consumption Expenditure of Sardines497 g3841.81
Book Stores1803641.77
Murder Victims5.6 persons3641.76
Participants in Dressmaking (25 years of age or more)1290003941.55
Consumption Expenditure of “Shimeji”, mushrooms2489 g3841.51
Death due to Liver Cancer: Female2.5 persons3941.41
Consumption Expenditure of Chinese cabbage7399 g4141.06
Labor and Social Security Attorney4934141.02
Patients with Diabetes (aged 65 or above)45000 person3941.00
People Living Alone23.13 %4040.89
Total Length of Rivers2315000 m3840.73
Consumption Expenditure of ’Furikake’, Granular Flavour Seasonings1439 Yen3740.73
Consumption Expenditure of Tomato Ketchup1426 g4040.32
Area of Forest Land1875080000 sq. m4040.15
Consumption Expenditure of Mushrooms11571 g4440.10
Local Government Employees54548 persons3940.06
Patients with Diabetes65000 person4039.77
General Beds194544039.55
Employed Persons in Tertiary Industry9387583939.54
Consumption of Beer85191800 liter4339.53
Consumption Expenditure of Candies1961 Yen4339.50
Theaters and Concert halls373939.48
Number of Volleyball Players (25 years of age or more)430004039.42
Participants in Chorus and Vocal music (25 years of age or more)310004339.29
Consumption Expenditure of 'Tsuyu' & 'Tare', Liquid Seasonings4225 Yen4039.15
Patients with Major depressive disorder18000 person4239.14
Attractiveness9.4 points4739.12
Consumption Expenditure of Mackerel840 g4139.06
Licensed Architect (1st grade)47264238.97
Patient with Fracture12000 person4138.72
Consumption Expenditure of Flavour Seasonings1969 Yen4138.58
Consumption Expenditure of White Potatoes9049 g4038.47
Patient with Fracture7000 person4138.28
Consumption Expenditure of Bean curd69.84238.02
Patients with Major depressive disorder (aged 65 or above)5000 personPatients4237.99
Patients with Dyslipidemia39000 person4137.98
Mean Elevation100 m4537.82
Number of Baseball Players (25 years of age or more)850004137.82
Consumption of Chicken12783 g4337.75
Consumption Expenditure of Short-Necked Clams673 g4237.74
Consumption Expenditure of “Shiitake”, Japanese mushrooms, fresh1321 g4537.64
Consumption Expenditure of Pumpkins3947 g4137.51
Consumption Expenditure of Eggplants3497 g4337.45
Obstetricians and Gynecologists211 doctors4137.38
Engel's coefficient25.34 %4437.17
Consumption Expenditure of Bananas15851 g4437.03
Patients with Cancer42000 Patients4336.99
Consumption of Beef3984 g4236.09
Participants in Japanese Dance (25 years of age or more)170004536.07
Mister Donut144735.21
Consumption Expenditure of Margarine713 g4434.54
Consumption Expenditure of Shrimps & Lobsters1003 g4534.47
Number of Physicians5682 doctors4634.13
Consumption Expenditure of Other Raw Meat749 g4733.76
Practicing Physicians5394 doctors4633.73
Consumption Expenditure of “Enokitake”, mushrooms2013 g4633.61
Average Life Expectancy: Female86.33 years4532.70
Rate of Intraregional Railway Passenger Transport56.32 %4432.51
Male Physicians3952 doctors4630.50
Paved Rate66.754529.12
Rate of Forest Land30.76 %4628.83
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