Correlation with "Homeownership"

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Automobiles Registered0.6951
Rate of Double-Income Households0.6945
Rate of Empty Rental Houses0.6654
Death due to Old Age: Female0.6519
Automobile Accident Fatalities0.6343
Manufacturing Industries0.6277
Death due to Old Age: Male0.6097
Senior Citizens0.5898
Shinto Shrines0.5849
School Personnel0.55
Consumption of Sake0.5407
Rate of Forest Land0.5248
Death Due to Cancer : Female0.5169
Rice Production0.5073
Death Due to Cancer : Male0.5018
Local Government Employees0.4948
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Female0.4659
Patients with Hypertension0.4611
Fire Death Rate0.4475
Elementary Schools0.4424
Area of Forest Land0.4214
Patients with Diabetes0.4162
Patients with Cancer0.4087
Consumption Expenditure of Seafood0.4002
Consumption Expenditure of Kombu0.384
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Male0.3816
Book Stores0.378
Consumption Expenditure of Korokke0.353
Consumption Expenditure of Wakame0.3492
National Achievement Test0.3189
Consumption Expenditure of Frozen Food0.3178
Suicide Victims: Male0.312
Rate of Empty Houses0.2938
Number of Gateball Players (25 years of age or more)0.278
Pachinko Parlors0.2663
Consumption Expenditure of Flower0.2626
Rate of Pediatricians0.2445
Suicide Victims: Female0.2274
Industrial Production0.221
Number of Ski & Snowboard Players (25 years of age or more)0.219
Brazilian Residents in Japan0.1998
Number of Volleyball Players (25 years of age or more)0.1855
Psychiatric Hospitals0.1692
Vacation Homes0.1595
General Beds0.1524
Rate of Smoking: Male0.1483
Aged patients with Cancer0.1372
Rate of Shotgun Wedding0.1314
Number of Softball Players (25 years of age or more)0.1125
Patients with Major depressive disorder0.0941
Ages patients with Major depressive disorder0.0785
Patients with Asthma0.072
Consumption Expenditure of Rice Ball0.0632
Beds for Mental Patients0.0581
Rate of Obstetricians and Gynecologists0.0499
Soybean Production0.0314
Consumption Expenditure of Jiao-zi0.02
Beds for Long-Term Care0.0108
Philippine Residents in Japan0.0094
Rate of Artificial Forest Land-0.0099
Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emission-0.0149
Number of Anglers (25 years of age or more)-0.0246
Automobile Accidents-0.0269
Savings per Household-0.0412
Mister Donut-0.0474
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Female-0.05
Consumption of Pork-0.0735
Average Life Expectancy: Male-0.0788
Number of Hikers (25 years of age or more)-0.08
Average Life Expectancy: Female-0.0887
Number of Table Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1048
Death due to Lung Cancer: Male-0.1179
Consumption Expenditure of Nori-0.1252
Convenience Stores-0.1299
Consumption of Shochu-0.1369
Wheat Production-0.1404
Elementary School Students-0.1443
Male Physicians-0.1572
Number of Badminton Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1686
Number of Basketball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1705
Consumption of Beef-0.171
Consumption of Whisky-0.1906
Death due to Liver Cancer: Female-0.1927
Consumption of Alcohol-0.1975
Death due to Liver Cancer: Male-0.1997
Consumption Expenditure of Shumai-0.2063
Consumption of Chicken-0.2265
Fish Catches-0.2272
Rate of Single-parent Households-0.2332
Murder Victims-0.2396
H1N1 Influenza-0.2411
Private High School Fee for 1st Year-0.2503
Number of Baseball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.255
Number of Children-0.2571
Delivery Cost-0.268
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Male-0.2714
Number of Physicians-0.2792
Practicing Physicians-0.2853
Game Parlors-0.2856
Rate of Intraregional Railway Passenger Transport-0.2894
Mean Age at First Marriage (Male)-0.3025
Spinach Production-0.305
Mos Burger-0.3074
Educational Expenses-0.3102
Prefectural Income-0.3123
Gross Production-0.3134
Fitness Clubs-0.317
AIDS Patients-0.3203
Obstetricians and Gynecologists-0.3235
Number of Golfers (25 years of age or more)-0.3247
Mean Age of Father at 1st Child Birth-0.3394
Foreign Residents in Japan-0.352
Rate of Smoking: Female-0.3628
Mean Age of Mother at 1st Child Birth-0.365
Number of Cyclists (25 years of age or more)-0.3759
Chinese Residents in Japan-0.4009
Consumption Expenditure of Bento-0.4083
Consumption Expenditure of Katsuobushi-0.4132
Number of Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)-0.4177
Video Arcades-0.4253
Consumption of Wine-0.4254
Number of Sports Players (25 years of age or more)-0.4488
Number of Soccer Players (25 years of age or more)-0.4512
Number of Bowling Players (25 years of age or more)-0.4538
South and North Korean Residents in Japan-0.4619
Consumption of Beer-0.4742
Mean Age at First Marriage (Female)-0.4761
Female Physicians-0.4933
Kentucky Fried Chicken-0.4933
Rate of Female Physicians-0.5001
Doutor Coffee-0.5043
Number of Swimmers (25 years of age or more)-0.5062
Job Offer Retractions-0.518
Minimum Wage-0.5233
Death due to Lung Cancer: Female-0.5278
Japanese and Foreign HIV Carriers-0.5352
Number of Joggers (25 years of age or more)-0.5527
House Rent-0.5547
Annual Rate of Unemployment-0.5641
Broadband Contracts-0.5954
Mobile Phone Subscriptions-0.6389
Railway Passenger Transport-0.6402
Households Living on Welfare-0.6437
Japanese HIV Carriers-0.6536
Average Residential Land Price-0.6544
Population Density-0.6579
Average Commercial Land Price-0.6584
American Residents in Japan-0.6598
Dental Clinics-0.6615
Population Ratio-0.7091
Average Industrial Land Price-0.72
Rate of Nuclear Families-0.7412
Facebook User-0.7709
Concentration of Population-0.7922
People Living Alone-0.8389
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