Correlation with "Foreign Residents in Japan"

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Chinese Residents in Japan0.8524
Minimum Wage0.8163
Number of Swimmers (25 years of age or more)0.792
Prefectural Income0.7812
Broadband Contracts0.7775
Number of Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)0.7662
Number of Sports Players (25 years of age or more)0.7574
Mobile Phone Subscriptions0.7574
Philippine Residents in Japan0.7465
House Rent0.7453
Mean Age of Father at 1st Child Birth0.7392
Mean Age of Mother at 1st Child Birth0.7366
Delivery Cost0.7344
Japanese and Foreign HIV Carriers0.7192
Number of Golfers (25 years of age or more)0.7184
Number of Soccer Players (25 years of age or more)0.7032
Savings per Household0.7027
Fitness Clubs0.6995
AIDS Patients0.6922
Average Residential Land Price0.6858
Number of Hikers (25 years of age or more)0.6855
Mean Age at First Marriage (Male)0.6805
Number of Cyclists (25 years of age or more)0.6694
Japanese HIV Carriers0.6648
Population Ratio0.6637
Railway Passenger Transport0.6575
Gross Production0.6336
Average Industrial Land Price0.6235
Population Density0.6159
Brazilian Residents in Japan0.611
Private High School Fee for 1st Year0.6086
South and North Korean Residents in Japan0.6056
Number of Joggers (25 years of age or more)0.6051
Average Commercial Land Price0.6048
Number of Bowling Players (25 years of age or more)0.592
Rate of Female Physicians0.5842
Facebook User0.5837
Consumption Expenditure of Shumai0.5777
Mean Age at First Marriage (Female)0.5671
Number of Table Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)0.5664
Consumption Expenditure of Rice Ball0.5436
Concentration of Population0.53
Doutor Coffee0.4919
Spinach Production0.4894
Rate of Pediatricians0.467
Educational Expenses0.4653
Consumption of Wine0.418
Dental Clinics0.4083
Number of Ski & Snowboard Players (25 years of age or more)0.4073
Average Life Expectancy: Male0.4051
Job Offer Retractions0.3929
Industrial Production0.3894
Convenience Stores0.3832
Rate of Nuclear Families0.3495
Number of Baseball Players (25 years of age or more)0.3473
American Residents in Japan0.3323
Rate of Obstetricians and Gynecologists0.3307
Consumption Expenditure of Korokke0.292
Consumption Expenditure of Jiao-zi0.29
Female Physicians0.2815
People Living Alone0.2529
Consumption of Whisky0.2377
Number of Badminton Players (25 years of age or more)0.2265
Automobile Accidents0.2189
Consumption Expenditure of Nori0.2164
Manufacturing Industries0.1959
Vacation Homes0.1909
Kentucky Fried Chicken0.1892
Obstetricians and Gynecologists0.188
Death due to Lung Cancer: Female0.1727
Elementary School Students0.1133
Mos Burger0.1117
Number of Children0.0945
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Female0.0935
Video Arcades0.0733
National Achievement Test0.0698
Book Stores0.0569
Suicide Victims: Female0.0441
Aged patients with Cancer0.0421
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Female0.0392
Rate of Smoking: Female0.0374
Rate of Artificial Forest Land0.0275
Consumption Expenditure of Katsuobushi0.0202
Fish Catches0.0175
Consumption Expenditure of Flower0.0167
Consumption Expenditure of Bento0.0079
Consumption of Beef-0.0035
Number of Basketball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.0227
Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emission-0.0381
Murder Victims-0.0391
Consumption of Beer-0.043
Rate of Empty Rental Houses-0.0498
Number of Softball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.0559
Average Life Expectancy: Female-0.0568
Rate of Empty Houses-0.0604
Mister Donut-0.0789
Consumption of Pork-0.0818
H1N1 Influenza-0.0837
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Male-0.0845
Game Parlors-0.0963
Consumption Expenditure of Wakame-0.1017
Consumption Expenditure of Kombu-0.1026
Wheat Production-0.1046
Patients with Major depressive disorder-0.1057
Death due to Lung Cancer: Male-0.1204
Ages patients with Major depressive disorder-0.1233
Households Living on Welfare-0.1422
Consumption Expenditure of Frozen Food-0.1508
Consumption of Sake-0.1595
Death due to Liver Cancer: Female-0.1605
Number of Physicians-0.1626
Practicing Physicians-0.1641
Rate of Smoking: Male-0.168
Annual Rate of Unemployment-0.1788
Soybean Production-0.1869
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Male-0.1871
Death due to Old Age: Male-0.2409
Rice Production-0.2426
Consumption of Chicken-0.2521
Death due to Liver Cancer: Male-0.2527
Patients with Asthma-0.2628
Number of Gateball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.263
Death due to Old Age: Female-0.2809
Shinto Shrines-0.3109
Number of Anglers (25 years of age or more)-0.3402
Patients with Cancer-0.3411
Automobiles Registered-0.3463
Male Physicians-0.36
Consumption Expenditure of Seafood-0.3799
Pachinko Parlors-0.3852
Rate of Intraregional Railway Passenger Transport-0.3854
Number of Volleyball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.3961
Consumption of Alcohol-0.3981
Consumption of Shochu-0.4172
Patients with Diabetes-0.4312
Rate of Double-Income Households-0.4459
Beds for Long-Term Care-0.4502
Rate of Forest Land-0.4675
Patients with Hypertension-0.4681
Automobile Accident Fatalities-0.4752
Rate of Single-parent Households-0.5238
Suicide Victims: Male-0.5669
Area of Forest Land-0.5899
Fire Death Rate-0.605
Death Due to Cancer : Female-0.6183
Senior Citizens-0.6251
Psychiatric Hospitals-0.6501
Local Government Employees-0.6586
Death Due to Cancer : Male-0.6594
Rate of Shotgun Wedding-0.6862
Elementary Schools-0.7035
General Beds-0.7109
School Personnel-0.7138
Beds for Mental Patients-0.7143
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