Correlation with "Number of Physicians"

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Practicing Physicians0.9982
Male Physicians0.9591
Female Physicians0.8116
Obstetricians and Gynecologists0.6359
General Beds0.6104
Consumption of Beef0.5779
Death due to Liver Cancer: Female0.5405
Beds for Long-Term Care0.5281
Consumption of Chicken0.4974
Death due to Liver Cancer: Male0.4931
People Living Alone0.4815
Number of Anglers (25 years of age or more)0.4793
Beds for Mental Patients0.4468
Consumption Expenditure of Shrimps & Lobsters0.4317
Households Living on Welfare0.4108
Consumption Expenditure of Horse Mackerel0.4015
Book Stores0.3963
Consumption Expenditure of Yellowtail0.3852
Rate of Intraregional Railway Passenger Transport0.3759
Dental Clinics0.364
Consumption Expenditure of Mackerel0.3558
Length of Coastline0.3486
Facebook User0.3468
Death Due to Cancer : Female0.343
Consumption Expenditure of Chinese cabbage0.332
Participants in Japanese flower arrangement (25 years of age or more)0.3302
Consumption of Beer0.3281
Rate of Female Physicians0.3265
Local Government Employees0.3259
Death Due to Cancer : Male0.3227
Psychiatric Hospitals0.3183
Consumption Expenditure of Sardines0.3058
Average Life Expectancy: Female0.3017
Consumption Expenditure of Oysters0.2978
Elementary Schools0.2903
Consumption Expenditure of Other Raw Meat0.2805
Consumption Expenditure of Crabs0.263
Average Commercial Land Price0.2353
Mobile Phone Subscriptions0.2299
Participants in Homemaking Training (25 years of age or more)0.2291
South and North Korean Residents in Japan0.227
Rate of Single-parent Households0.2255
Rate of Empty Houses0.2167
Rate of Nuclear Families0.212
Rate of Forest Land0.2055
Number of Volleyball Players (25 years of age or more)0.1973
Death due to Lung Cancer: Male0.1916
Number of Softball Players (25 years of age or more)0.1914
Death due to Lung Cancer: Female0.1906
Average Industrial Land Price0.1793
Gross Production0.1753
Senior Citizens0.1741
Rate of Artificial Forest Land0.1556
Mos Burger0.155
Shinto Shrines0.152
Consumption of Alcohol0.1508
Consumption Expenditure of °»Shiitake°…, Japanese mushrooms, fresh0.1499
School Personnel0.1493
Total Length of Rivers0.1442
Japanese HIV Carriers0.1436
American Residents in Japan0.1391
Participants in Japanese tea ceremony (25 years of age or more)0.1318
Automobile Accidents0.1288
Video Arcades0.1281
Railway Passenger Transport0.1264
Consumption Expenditure of Bento0.1253
Average Residential Land Price0.1239
Job Offer Retractions0.117
Consumption Expenditure of Sweet Potatoes0.1138
Broadband Contracts0.1127
Participants in Arts and Culture Studies (25 years of age or more)0.1066
Mean Age at First Marriage (Female)0.106
Automobile Accident Fatalities0.0999
Population Density0.0962
Patients with Diabetes0.0959
Consumption Expenditure of Octopus0.0944
Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emission0.0939
Consumption Expenditure of Frozen Food0.0932
Consumption of Wine0.0845
Consumption Expenditure of Clothing & Footwear0.0794
Consumption Expenditure of White Potatoes0.0758
Consumption of Shochu0.0721
Participants in Go (25 years of age or more)0.0703
Murder Victims0.069
Patients with Asthma0.0641
Consumption Expenditure of Flounder0.0608
Annual Rate of Unemployment0.0594
Patients with Major depressive disorder0.0553
Patients with Cancer0.0544
National Achievement Test0.0531
Pachinko Parlors0.053
Consumption Expenditure of °»Enokitake°…, mushrooms0.05
Rate of Shotgun Wedding0.0498
Average Life Expectancy: Male0.0478
Total Floor Space of Residential Buildings of rental housing0.0456
Consumption Expenditure of Katsuobushi0.0439
Mister Donut0.0413
Average time spent on Relaxation0.0276
Number of Children0.024
Participants in Volunteer Work (25 years of age or more)0.0215
Consumption Expenditure of Short-Necked Clams0.0119
Game Parlors0.0108
Death due to Old Age: Female0.006
Concentration of Population0.0054
Japanese and Foreign HIV Carriers0.0054
Rate of Double-Income Households0.0052
Area of Forest Land0.0039
Number of Gateball Players (25 years of age or more)0.0018
Expenditure of Pocket Money (Household Heads)0.0012
Consumption Expenditure of °»Shimeji°…, mushrooms0.0008
Pachinko Players (25 years of age or more)0.0007
Washing Charges-0.0039
Wheat Production-0.0153
Outbound Tourists (25 years of age or more)-0.0173
Doutor Coffee-0.0176
Consumption Expenditure of Pumpkins-0.0232
Prefectural Income-0.0277
Fish Catches-0.031
Soybean Production-0.0325
Educational Expenses-0.0339
Elementary School Students-0.0353
Mean Age of Mother at 1st Child Birth-0.0367
Chinese Residents in Japan-0.0391
Consumption Expenditure of Nori-0.0409
Fire Death Rate-0.0411
Suicide Victims: Male-0.0448
Consumption Expenditure of Onions-0.049
Participants in Shogi (25 years of age or more)-0.0511
Consumption Expenditure of Seafood-0.0514
Fitness Clubs-0.0544
Ages patients with Major depressive disorder-0.0562
Number of Swimmers (25 years of age or more)-0.0566
Consumption Expenditure of Bonito-0.0592
Savings per Household-0.0631
English language learners (25 years of age or more)-0.064
Consumption Expenditure of School Uniforms-0.069
Number of people who went back to their hometown (25 years of age or more)-0.0709
Consumption Expenditure of Cucumbers-0.0763
Private High School Fee for 1st Year-0.0778
Death due to Old Age: Male-0.0779
Consumption of Sake-0.0864
Participants in Japanese calligraphy (25 years of age or more)-0.0893
Mean Age of Father at 1st Child Birth-0.0979
Salary of Prefectural Governors-0.099
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Female-0.0993
Spectator Sport Watchers (25 years of age or more)-0.102
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Female-0.1029
Population Ratio-0.1047
Participants in Karaoke (25 years of age or more)-0.1054
Consumption Expenditure of Shellfish-0.1074
H1N1 Influenza-0.1082
Death due to Stomach Cancer: Male-0.1094
Consumption Expenditure of Jiao-zi-0.1097
Number of Bowling Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1104
Kentucky Fried Chicken-0.111
Number of campers (25 years of age or more)-0.1124
Consumption Expenditure of Korokke-0.1161
House Rent-0.1173
Convenience Stores-0.123
Consumption Expenditure of Fresh Water Clams-0.1253
Total Floor Space of Residential Buildings of one's own-0.1273
Consumption Expenditure of Taros-0.1321
Consumption Expenditure of Flower-0.1373
Vacation Homes-0.1402
Number of Sports Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1419
Death due to Bowel Cancer: Male-0.142
Patients with Hypertension-0.1436
Minimum Wage-0.1489
Consumption Expenditure of Burdocks-0.1506
Aged patients with Cancer-0.1583
Book Readers (25 years of age or more)-0.1593
Number of Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)-0.1605
Participants in Knitting and Handicraft (25 years of age or more)-0.1609
Consumption Expenditure of Eggplants-0.1619
Foreign Residents in Japan-0.1626
Mean Age at First Marriage (Male)-0.1641
Moviegoers (25 years of age or more)-0.1653
Consumption Expenditure of Cabbage-0.1716
Manufacturing Industries-0.1862
Spinach Production-0.1897
Consumption Expenditure of Bean curd-0.1901
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare-0.1985
Consumption Expenditure of Fried food-0.205
Consumption Expenditure of Mushrooms-0.2065
Consumption Expenditure of Cuttlefish-0.2152
Number of Cyclists (25 years of age or more)-0.2194
Consumption Expenditure of Kombu-0.2251
Domestic Tourists (Overnight stay)(25 years of age or more)-0.2284
Consumption Expenditure of Vegetables & Seaweeds Prepared in Soy Sauce-0.2286
Automobiles Registered-0.2293
AIDS Patients-0.2325
Consumption of Whisky-0.2391
Rice Production-0.2475
Video Game Players (25 years of age or more)-0.249
Industrial Production-0.2527
Number of Joggers (25 years of age or more)-0.2541
Rate of Empty Rental Houses-0.2595
Participants in Cooking and Sweets Cooking (25 years of age or more)-0.2715
Number of Table Tennis Players (25 years of age or more)-0.2754
Number of Hikers (25 years of age or more)-0.2836
Delivery Cost-0.2849
Domestic Tourists (Overnight stay)(25 years of age or more)-0.2901
Number of Golfers (25 years of age or more)-0.2913
Consumption Expenditure of String beans-0.2922
Consumption Expenditure of Scallops-0.299
Suicide Victims: Female-0.3056
Rate of Smoking: Female-0.3126
Consumption Expenditure of Bean Sprouts-0.3137
Number of Badminton Players (25 years of age or more)-0.3138
Consumption Expenditure of Fruits-0.3144
Number of Basketball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.3146
Consumption Expenditure of Pickled Vegetables-0.3198
Consumption Expenditure of Shumai-0.3272
Consumption Expenditure of Broccoli-0.3327
Consumption Expenditure of Rice Ball-0.3342
Consumption Expenditure of Root Vegetables-0.3534
Consumption Expenditure of Leafy Vegetables-0.3545
Consumption Expenditure of Cucumbers-0.3564
Consumption Expenditure of Spinach-0.3573
Rate of Smoking: Male-0.36
Number of Soccer Players (25 years of age or more)-0.3769
Brazilian Residents in Japan-0.3801
Participants in Gardening (25 years of age or more)-0.3819
Number of Baseball Players (25 years of age or more)-0.3842
Consumption Expenditure of Carrots-0.3852
Consumption Expenditure of Tomatoes-0.3934
Consumption Expenditure of Wakame-0.4061
Rate of Pediatricians-0.4124
Consumption Expenditure of Lettuce-0.421
Participants in DIY (25 years of age or more)-0.4234
Philippine Residents in Japan-0.4575
Husband and Wife-0.4602
Number of Ski & Snowboard Players (25 years of age or more)-0.4796
Average time spent on Volunteer and social activities-0.4912
Consumption Expenditure of Saury-0.5012
Consumption Expenditure of Welsh Onions-0.52
Consumption Expenditure of Radishes-0.522
Rate of Obstetricians and Gynecologists-0.537
Consumption Expenditure of Salmon-0.5522
Consumption of Pork-0.5596
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