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Attractiveness hokkaido aomori iwate miyagi akita yamagata fukushima ibaraki tochigi gunma saitama chiba tokyo kanagawa niigata toyama ishikawa fukui yamanashi nagano gifu sizuoka aichi mie shiga kyoto osaka hyogo nara wakayama tottori shimane okayama hiroshima yamaguchi tokushima kagawa ehime kochi fukuoka saga nagasaki kumamoto oita miyazaki kagoshima okinawa
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Ranking on attractiveness by prefecture, announced by the Brand Research Institute.

Local Brand Survey:
"The local brand survey, marking its 5th time thisyear, was conducted on 1,000 municipalities (786 cities + Tokyo's 23 wards + 191 towns and villages) and 47 prefectures, by receiving replies from 34,257 consumers in Japan. A total of 63 questions such as degree of attractiveness was created for each area, and the power of brand of the area was numerically converted into "attractiveness" felt by consumers towards each area. It is designed so that the factors of "attractiveness" can be analyzed from the results of other items such as sightseeing, residency and local products, etc."

Ranked first is Hokkaido with 68.0 points. 2nd is Kyoto with 52.1 points. Kyoto is followed by Okinawa, Tokyo, Nara and Kanagawa. Areas famous as tourist spots and areas known as metropolitan areas are ranked high. On the other hand, the bottom five are Ibaraki, Saga, Tochigi, Fukui and Saitama. In the Tokyo metropolitan region, Kanagawa is ranked 6th, Chiba 14th and Saitama 43rd.

The correlative ranking shows that it is positively correlated with the rate of those living alone and negatively correlated with the rate of Homeownership. It seems that those attracted by such areas move to those areas from all over Japan and live alone.

Also interesting is that it is positively correlated with the ratio of votes for the Japanese Communist Party in the proportional representation segment of the Upper House in 2010 and negatively correlated with the ratio of votes for the Liberal Democratic Party in the proportional representation segment of the House of Representatives in 2009. It shows that in areas with high degree of attractiveness, the Japanese Communist Party is popular and the Liberal Democartic Party is less popular.

The approval rating of the Liberal Democratic Party is high in areas with low attractiveness and low minimum wage, and the statistics show the Liberal Democratic Party's history of having reallocated the wealth of "privileged" areas to "underpivileged" areas in the forms of school faculty and public servants.


SortDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  Asc
1Hokkaido65.3ポイント points91.36
2Kyoto49.1ポイント points77.03
3Okinawa44.3ポイント points72.78
4Tokyo40.6ポイント points69.50
5Kanagawa29.1ポイント points59.33
6Nara27.3ポイント points57.74
7Fukuoka27.1ポイント points57.56
8Osaka26.2ポイント points56.76
9Nagano23.9ポイント points54.73
10Hyogo22.6ポイント points53.58
11Nagasaki22.0ポイント points53.05
12Shizuoka21.3ポイント points52.43
13Miyagi21.1ポイント points52.25
14Ishikawa20.4ポイント points51.63
14Kagoshima20.4ポイント points51.63
16Aichi18.5ポイント points49.95
16Kumamoto18.5ポイント points49.95
18Chiba18.1ポイント points49.60
19Hiroshima16.7ポイント points48.36
20Aomori16.4ポイント points48.09
21Toyama15.7ポイント points47.47
22Akita15.2ポイント points47.03
23Yamanashi15.0ポイント points46.85
24Miyazaki14.8ポイント points46.68
25Kagawa14.5ポイント points46.41
26Iwate14.1ポイント points46.06
27Kochi13.7ポイント points45.70
28Yamagata13.5ポイント points45.52
29Fukushima13.3ポイント points45.35
30Niigata13.2ポイント points45.26
31Oita13.1ポイント points45.17
31Mie13.1ポイント points45.17
33Shimane12.9ポイント points44.99
34Ehime12.4ポイント points44.55
35Okayama12.2ポイント points44.37
36Shiga11.4ポイント points43.67
37Gifu11.3ポイント points43.58
38Wakayama11.2ポイント points43.49
39Yamaguchi10.8ポイント points43.14
40Fukui10.4ポイント points42.78
41Tochigi10.3ポイント points42.69
41Tottori10.3ポイント points42.69
43Tokushima10.2ポイント points42.60
44Gunma9.5ポイント points41.99
45Saitama8.6ポイント points41.19
46Saga7.0ポイント points39.77
47Ibaraki5.6ポイント points38.53
Average18.6ポイント points
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2010-10-13 | Background |
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