Murder Victims

2010-11-16 | Background |
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Murder Victims hokkaido aomori iwate miyagi akita yamagata fukushima ibaraki tochigi gunma saitama chiba tokyo kanagawa niigata toyama ishikawa fukui yamanashi nagano gifu sizuoka aichi mie shiga kyoto osaka hyogo nara wakayama tottori shimane okayama hiroshima yamaguchi tokushima kagawa ehime kochi fukuoka saga nagasaki kumamoto oita miyazaki kagoshima okinawa
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"Homicide" is one category of the cause of death indicated in the Vital Statistics. This category can be said to be the number of deaths due to murder. In 2007, which is the most recent data available, 509 people have been killed. However, because there are prefectures in which there were no murder victims during that year and therefore single-year data may possibly be affected by individual cases, the rate of homicides by prefecture was calculated by averaging the data for the ten year period from 1998.

Firstly, below is the transition of the number of murder victims during this past ten years:

YearNumber of deaths

According to the above, the number of murder victims has been decreasing consistently this past ten years. Although recently, the increase in the intensity of crimes has been mentioned by the media, it does not necessarily seem to be so as far as it can be seen from the number of victims of murder cases.

The statistics by prefecture indicate that Osaka is ranked first and 0.8 persons are killed per 100 thousand population every year. Osaka is known as an area full of crimes, and the result indicated here is also evidence of that fact. For reference, the area with the highest rate of homicide in the world is Columbia, with 70 people killed per 100 thousand population.

Okinawa is ranked 2nd. Crime in Okinawa is often likned with the U.S. forces. However, because recently there are no reports on cases of murder committed by U.S. soldiers, there is probably no direct connection. However, the U.S. forces can be considered one factor creating the criminogeneric situation in Okinawa, such as higher rate of unemployment compared to the mainland.

Kagawa is ranked 3rd, which is interesting because it has no image as a prefecture with many crimes. Because the change in the number of murder victims in this past ten years has been: 7ⅹ4ⅹ10ⅹ9ⅹ5ⅹ7ⅹ7ⅹ7ⅹ9ⅹ10, there seems to be no connection with the affects of particular cases.

In general, western Japan is heavily concentrated, with areas around the Seto Inland Sea highly concentrated in particular. The rate of people living on welfare is high and the lower-income class is large in western Japan. Economic reasons may possibly be connected to the high rate of murder. The slight positive correlation with Households Living on Welfare and the rate of unemployment supports this point.

It is also interesting to note that it is positively correlated with the Rate of Single-parent Households and the rate of nuclear families and negatively correlated with the rate of double-income families and the area of privately-owned houses. This means that there are more cases of murder in areas where there are many nuclear families and single-parent households, and less in areas where there are many double-income families and large houses.


RankPrefecturesMurder VictimsStandard
Amount per 100000
SortDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  Asc
1Osaka51.6客 persons0.583 persons67.72
2Kagawa5.6客 persons0.566 persons65.93
3Yamanashi4.8客 persons0.563 persons65.63
4Kochi4.2客 persons0.559 persons65.10
5Yamaguchi7.9客 persons0.552 persons64.40
6Okinawa7.7客 persons0.547 persons63.79
7Hiroshima15.0客 persons0.527 persons61.65
8Fukuoka26.3客 persons0.517 persons60.62
9Mie9.3客 persons0.505 persons59.34
10Wakayama4.9客 persons0.496 persons58.32
11Oita5.8客 persons0.490 persons57.61
12Hyogo27.2客 persons0.488 persons57.47
13Shizuoka18.0客 persons0.482 persons56.79
14Shimane3.4客 persons0.481 persons56.68
15Aomori6.3客 persons0.467 persons55.14
16Gunma9.2客 persons0.462 persons54.61
17Kyoto11.9客 persons0.453 persons53.68
18Kanagawa40.6客 persons0.448 persons53.09
19Miyagi10.4客 persons0.447 persons53.03
20Ehime6.3客 persons0.445 persons52.80
21Kumamoto8.0客 persons0.443 persons52.53
22Fukushima8.5客 persons0.433 persons51.50
23Iwate5.5客 persons0.422 persons50.30
24Aichi31.1客 persons0.419 persons49.93
25Saitama30.1客 persons0.417 persons49.79
26Tochigi8.2客 persons0.412 persons49.16
27Nara5.6客 persons0.403 persons48.22
28Hokkaido21.9客 persons0.401 persons48.02
29Kagoshima6.7客 persons0.396 persons47.51
30Tottori2.3客 persons0.395 persons47.38
31Shiga5.5客 persons0.389 persons46.68
32Ishikawa4.5客 persons0.387 persons46.48
33Ibaraki11.3客 persons0.384 persons46.17
34Okayama7.4客 persons0.382 persons45.97
35Yamagata4.4客 persons0.382 persons45.94
36Tokushima2.9客 persons0.374 persons45.05
37Chiba22.4客 persons0.362 persons43.74
38Akita3.5客 persons0.329 persons40.23
39Miyazaki3.5客 persons0.311 persons38.22
40Saga2.6客 persons0.308 persons37.96
41Niigata7.2客 persons0.307 persons37.79
42Gifu6.3客 persons0.306 persons37.67
43Fukui2.4客 persons0.300 persons37.10
44Nagasaki4.1客 persons0.291 persons36.10
45Toyama3.0客 persons0.277 persons34.59
46Tokyo27.1客 persons0.205 persons26.72
47Nagano4.2客 persons0.197 persons25.88
Average531.6客 persons0.417 persons
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2010-11-16 | Background |
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