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2010-10-12 | Lifestyle |
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Automobiles Registered hokkaido aomori iwate miyagi akita yamagata fukushima ibaraki tochigi gunma saitama chiba tokyo kanagawa niigata toyama ishikawa fukui yamanashi nagano gifu sizuoka aichi mie shiga kyoto osaka hyogo nara wakayama tottori shimane okayama hiroshima yamaguchi tokushima kagawa ehime kochi fukuoka saga nagasaki kumamoto oita miyazaki kagoshima okinawa
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Number of automobiles registered. Of The MLIT's number of motor vehicles owned by prefecture, the sum of the number of ordinary motor vehicles and the number of light motor vehicles was calculated. A total of approximately 68,900,000 automobiles are owned in Japan which is about the same as the number of bicycles registered (approximately 69,100,000).

The number of automobiles registered per 100 population is greatest in Nagano, with 75, which is 75% of the population. Nagano is followed by Gunma, Yamanashi, Ibaraki and Tochigi, with prefectures in the northern Kanto region and Koshinetsu region ranked high.

The further away from metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, the number of automobiles tend to be greater, and the number of automobiles owned in Nagano ranked first, is twice that of Tokyo ranked last. This is believed to be inversely proportional to the development of public transportation systems such as railways.

The number of automobiles owned is not that high in Hokkaido which is believed to be highly automobile-dependent.

According to the "Annual Report on Number of Automobiles Owned" announced by the Hokkaido Transport Bureau, the total number of automobiles registered in Hokkaido as of the end of March this year is 3,653,728, -0.9% compared to the same month last year, and fell below the previous year for three consecutive years. While nationally, the number of automobiles owned tends to remain on the same level, the number of automobiles owned is decreasing in Hokkaido. The Hokkaido Transport Bureau's Motor Vehicle Engineering and Safety Department states, "One factor is believed to be the pullback in automobile spending due to economic downturn, resulting in decrease in the distribution of secondhand cars."

The correlative ranking shows that it is negatively correlated with the average residential land price and the volume of railroad passenger transport. It can be said that there are fewer automobiles where the price of land is high and the railroad network is extensive.


RankPrefecturesAutomobiles RegisteredStandard
Amount per 100 Population
SortDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  Asc
1Nagano1,640,337 75.36 64.52
2Gunma1,514,154 75.25 64.41
3Yamanashi641,909 73.66 62.75
4Tochigi1,423,871 70.96 59.93
5Ibaraki2,101,108 70.46 59.41
6Mie1,292,785 69.64 58.56
7Toyama769,546 69.56 58.47
8Fukui566,763 69.51 58.42
9Miyazaki803,221 69.18 58.07
10Gifu1,444,245 68.92 57.80
11Tottori410,760 68.19 57.03
12Yamagata810,138 67.85 56.68
13Okayama1,312,252 67.36 56.17
14Tokushima540,206 67.03 55.83
15Shimane486,872 66.41 55.18
16Kagoshima1,153,270 66.32 55.08
17Fukushima1,369,533 65.98 54.74
18Ishikawa766,039 65.63 54.37
19Kagawa667,427 65.48 54.21
20Saga565,894 65.44 54.17
21Niigata1,565,831 64.89 53.59
22Oita788,599 64.88 53.59
23Shizuoka2,444,138 64.74 53.44
24Akita726,339 64.23 52.91
25Yamaguchi948,544 64.10 52.77
26Wakayama662,668 63.35 51.99
27Kochi496,126 63.28 51.91
28Shiga865,701 62.83 51.44
29Iwate853,893 62.48 51.08
30Kumamoto1,147,844 62.23 50.81
31Okinawa841,941 60.52 49.03
32Ehime884,529 60.11 48.61
33Aichi4,313,476 60.03 48.52
34Aomori846,699 59.19 47.64
35Miyagi1,367,714 58.58 47.01
36Hiroshima1,623,696 56.69 45.04
37Nagasaki823,307 56.04 44.35
38Fukuoka2,782,485 55.31 43.59
39Hokkaido3,055,640 54.84 43.11
40Nara740,227 52.14 40.29
41Chiba3,007,261 49.37 37.40
42Saitama3,429,701 48.53 36.52
43Hyogo2,623,672 47.00 34.92
44Kyoto1,183,469 46.26 34.14
45Kanagawa3,495,229 39.73 27.33
46Osaka3,256,497 37.56 25.07
47Tokyo3,853,148 30.92 18.13
Average68,908,704 54.23
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2010-10-12 | Lifestyle |
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