South and North Korean Residents in Japan

2010-9-10 | Foreign Residents |
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South and North Korean Residents in Japan hokkaido aomori iwate miyagi akita yamagata fukushima ibaraki tochigi gunma saitama chiba tokyo kanagawa niigata toyama ishikawa fukui yamanashi nagano gifu sizuoka aichi mie shiga kyoto osaka hyogo nara wakayama tottori shimane okayama hiroshima yamaguchi tokushima kagawa ehime kochi fukuoka saga nagasaki kumamoto oita miyazaki kagoshima okinawa
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Number of South and North Korean residents in Japan from the Ministry of Justice's statistic on foreign residents in Japan. According to the Ministry of Justice's statistics, of foreign residents in Japan, the number of South and North Korean residents is second after the number of Chinese residents, with 589,000 living in Japan as of 2008.

In view of the trend from 1991 onwards, the number of South and North Korean residents has been gradually decreasing each year, and recently has fallen below the number of Chinese residents. This is believed to be due to the greater rate of naturalized residents and deaths compared to new immigrants.

The greatest number of South and North Korean residents in Japan per 100,000 population is 1,538 in Osaka, with approximately 1.5 South and North Korean residents in every 100 persons. Following Osaka are Kyoto (1,291) and Hyogo (979). The top 3 rankings are prefectures in the Kansai area, and there are approximately 235,000 South and North Korean residents living in the Kansai area including the top 3. This is 40% of the total number of South and North Korean residents.

Although it is not clear why there are many South and North Koreans in the Kansai area, there used to be regular lines running between Korea and Kansai, which may possibly be associated. For the same reason, there are many South and North Korean residents living in Yamaguchi where there are regular lines running between Busan and Yamaguchi.

In contrast to Chinese and Brazilian residents who work in small and medium-sized factories in rural areas, there are more South and North Korean residents in urban areas compared to rural areas. Unlike Chinese Residents in Japan and Brazilian Residents in Japan whom South and North Korean residents see as new-comers, they have lived in Japan for a long time, and there might have been some situation in the long course of history, causing them to gather around urban areas.


RankPrefecturesSouth and North Korean Residents in JapanStandard
Amount per 100 Population
SortDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  Asc
1Osaka124,167 persons1.40 persons90.39
2Kyoto30,815 persons1.17 persons82.16
3Hyogo50,438 persons0.90 persons72.61
4Tokyo104,915 persons0.80 persons68.74
5Aichi38,438 persons0.52 persons58.86
6Yamaguchi7,288 persons0.51 persons58.39
7Shiga5,669 persons0.40 persons54.66
8Fukui3,116 persons0.39 persons54.20
9Fukuoka18,390 persons0.36 persons53.28
10Hiroshima10,334 persons0.36 persons53.27
11Kanagawa32,525 persons0.36 persons53.17
12Okayama6,268 persons0.32 persons51.88
13Nara4,405 persons0.32 persons51.61
14Mie5,751 persons0.31 persons51.46
15Chiba17,630 persons0.28 persons50.48
16Wakayama2,672 persons0.27 persons49.94
17Yamanashi2,290 persons0.27 persons49.89
18Saitama18,377 persons0.25 persons49.45
19Gifu5,275 persons0.25 persons49.44
20Oita2,565 persons0.22 persons48.04
21Tottori1,242 persons0.21 persons47.93
22Nagano4,462 persons0.21 persons47.78
23Ibaraki5,470 persons0.18 persons46.95
24Miyagi4,109 persons0.18 persons46.65
25Yamagata1,965 persons0.17 persons46.39
26Shizuoka6,216 persons0.17 persons46.27
27Ishikawa1,913 persons0.16 persons46.20
28Tochigi2,959 persons0.15 persons45.63
29Gunma2,887 persons0.14 persons45.50
30Toyama1,291 persons0.12 persons44.58
31Shimane841 persons0.12 persons44.56
32Ehime1,467 persons0.10 persons44.03
33Kagawa1,016 persons0.10 persons44.00
34Saga848 persons0.10 persons43.92
35Hokkaido5,226 persons0.10 persons43.75
36Fukushima1,844 persons0.09 persons43.65
37Niigata2,150 persons0.09 persons43.60
38Nagasaki1,276 persons0.09 persons43.56
39Kochi648 persons0.09 persons43.40
40Iwate1,055 persons0.08 persons43.21
41Aomori1,010 persons0.07 persons42.99
42Akita711 persons0.07 persons42.71
43Kumamoto1,122 persons0.06 persons42.56
44Miyazaki639 persons0.06 persons42.36
45Okinawa772 persons0.06 persons42.31
46Tokushima379 persons0.05 persons42.08
47Kagoshima555 persons0.03 persons41.51
Average545,401 persons0.43 persons
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