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2011-2-4 | Lifestyle |
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Doutor Coffee hokkaido aomori iwate miyagi akita yamagata fukushima ibaraki tochigi gunma saitama chiba tokyo kanagawa niigata toyama ishikawa fukui yamanashi nagano gifu sizuoka aichi mie shiga kyoto osaka hyogo nara wakayama tottori shimane okayama hiroshima yamaguchi tokushima kagawa ehime kochi fukuoka saga nagasaki kumamoto oita miyazaki kagoshima okinawa
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Doutor is the coffe chain store with the greatest number of shops in Japan. Although Doutor Coffee operates stores other than Doutour Coffee, such as Excelsior Caffe, Mauka Meadows and Kona Coffee Garden, here, only the number of Doutor Coffee shops has been calculated.

The distribution map shows that it is highly concentrated in Tokyo. It is also highly concentrated in other large metropolitan areas such as Aichi and Osaka.

According to Wikipedia, it seems that
In the corner 'Japan Area Assessment' in the web-cast program 'Exampler,' the number of Starbucks stores in a certain area was used as the standard for measuring the degree of urbanization.

As above, there seems to be the image of Starbucks = city, but from the data, it can be said that Doutour = city as well.

Originally, coffee is enjoyed as something extra, such as after meals or during break. In the city, coffee shops are often found around stations where there are many people and are often used for killing time before meeting someone or for coffee breaks. There may be many situations in which people go to Doutor "because Doutor just happenned to be there."

On the other hand, in rural areas, people often go directly to their destinations by car and often drink canned coffee in convenience store parking lots to pass time. Therefore, Doutor gives cases for opening shops in rural areas as "hospitals, gas stations, banks, airports, service areas, shopping centers." These are areas in which it is exceptionally "necessary to kill time" even in rural areas and thus its business style based on the concept of "Doutor just happened to be there" works out.

It can be said that not only Starbucks but coffee shops in general = city.


RankPrefecturesDoutor CoffeeStandard
Amount per 100000
SortDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  AscDesc  Asc
1Tokyo529府 3.98 103.99
2Kanagawa180府 1.98 72.28
3Fukushima24府 1.23 60.35
4Chiba76府 1.23 60.26
5Aomori16府 1.20 59.81
6Saitama83府 1.15 59.02
7Miyagi25府 1.07 57.82
8Osaka81府 0.92 55.30
9Kyoto23府 0.88 54.72
10Yamagata9府 0.79 53.29
11Gifu13府 0.63 50.83
12Fukui5府 0.63 50.75
13Iwate8府 0.62 50.57
13Aichi46府 0.62 50.57
15Fukuoka31府 0.61 50.43
16Shizuoka22府 0.59 50.14
17Tochigi11府 0.55 49.55
18Hyogo30府 0.54 49.33
19Hiroshima15府 0.53 49.14
20Tottori3府 0.52 49.00
21Nara6府 0.43 47.65
22Ibaraki12府 0.41 47.25
23Mie7府 0.38 46.82
24Toyama4府 0.37 46.66
25Okayama7府 0.36 46.52
26Nagasaki5府 0.36 46.44
27Saga3府 0.36 46.42
28Hokkaido19府 0.35 46.31
29Wakayama3府 0.31 45.61
30Kagawa3府 0.31 45.60
31Gunma6府 0.30 45.55
32Yamaguchi4府 0.28 45.23
33Kochi2府 0.27 45.01
33Miyazaki3府 0.27 45.01
35Tokushima2府 0.26 44.88
36Niigata6府 0.26 44.85
37Kagoshima4府 0.24 44.53
38Yamanashi2府 0.24 44.50
39Kumamoto4府 0.22 44.28
40Ehime3府 0.21 44.15
41Okinawa3府 0.21 44.12
42Akita2府 0.19 43.77
43Nagano4府 0.19 43.75
44Ishikawa2府 0.17 43.50
45Shiga2府 0.14 42.99
Average1,348府 1.06
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2011-2-4 | Lifestyle |
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